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oh my god there was an ad posted in my res hall for a grief counseling service

it featured a big picture of batman and encouraged people to battle their grief like batman battled his

i’m not sure if it’s possible to pick a worse example of how to cope with grief than fucking Batman like holy SHIT

jovian12 replied to your post:`
You can use it to make accents, just not in browsers without plugins
Oh, huh. I guess it’d have to be a plugin thing, yeah, since it doesn’t do it in notepad or console. 
mistytpednaem replied to your post:`
more like english language keyboards are weird :T the layout on all my accent keys is different and junk but also in portugal we actually use grave accents and tildes in words, so

Yeah I imagine English keyboards are really annoying for people who speak other languages typing accented letters! Do you have to memorize the alt-codes or are English keyboards rare enough that it never comes up?


Neat, a new game just came ou-






Oh Nooooooo


question: why is this useless accent grave key on every keyboard ever, when you can’t even actually use it to put the accent mark on vowels. what purpose does it serve?? i have never once used it for anything other than using shift to type a tilde, and i only ever use the tilde to indicate, like, ~sarcastic whimsy~, and never to type it over a letter as an accent mark, which, like the grave, is not actually a thing you can do

apparently my cell phone number is one digit away from some hospice, because i regularly get wrong-number calls from people whose family members are dying or who are dying themselves. just now the same person dialed my number twice, trying to reach their husband, and when i told them they had the wrong number the second time, they broke down crying. i didn’t know what to do so i hung up.

it’s. kind of hard to not think death is evil and needs to be destroyed when you get these little reminders all the time


follow for more. not sure what but there will be more of it.



I’ve been spending my whole day watching Ron Swanson videos and imagining Lin as him. Im crying I’m laughing so hard right now 








When artists say they suck at arting




My friend’s button quail was getting whiny so I gave it company

unfairly cute

look at this little creeper